Blueberries are ready for picking.  Glenhaven Farm is open  for picking but is having a short season.  Grisamore Farms also has blueberries. Luce Farm in Ovid (7381 HALL Road, Ovid 607-532-9475) is closed this week but will have blueberries next week, but that will be there last week..   Check out their websites to get hours and directions.  Or click on "U-Pick" to find other farms in your neighborhood that are open for picking. Hall's Hill Blueberry Farm in Cortland is advertising U-pick until August 26th.  They have coupons in the Ithaca Journal.  



Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits to pick.  No need to break your back.  The harvesting is quick and painless and it's a great social activity since you can chat away with your friends.  I always meet someone I know when I'm picking at Glenhaven.  Many children come for the event.  They either help their parents pick, or just have a private blueberry feast, or lay out a blanket in the shade and watch the others pick.  Everyone has a good time.  Blueberries are the best to freeze and baking requires no advance preparation.  We just put a huge bowl  on the table and let passerbyers grab the blueberries by handfuls. 







U-Pick Raspberries at: 


 Indian Creek Farm

Who: Alan Leornard and Stephen Cummins
Where: 1408 Trumansburg Road (1/2 mile past hospital
Phone: 273-9544, 592-2801 and 227-6147 I Call to check on availability


Silver Queen Farm
Who: Gordy & Liz Gallup
Where: 5286 Stillwell Road, Trumansburg
Phone: 387-6502 Call to check on availability


Grisamore Farms
Who: Mary Ann Grisamore
Where: Goose Street Road, Locke
Phone: 315-497-1347
Web site: Call to  check on availability
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