My friends Evie and Dave presented me with venison the other day.  Rather than worry about the cut of meat being too tough to eat as a steak, I decided to feature it in a hash with lovely local root vegetables.

No recipe needed here.  I cut all the vegetables and meat in roughly the same size small cubes, maybe ¼ inch.  I cooked each vegetable separately and used what I had on hand from my local CSA share.  The only thing I bought was a sweet potato but it certainly wasn’t necessary.

This is what I used:  onion, carrot, celeriac, potato, and sweet potato.  I could have added squash, parsnip,and turnip.  Everything should be cooked in olive oil in a hot frying pan.  I like to brown everything because it caramelizes and adds flavor and sweetness.  But stay right there and flip the frying food over as it browns…and don’t overcook or everything will be mushy or burned.

The only seasoning needed is salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper.  When everything has been cooked separately, add it together and heat up again. 

The only necessary  addition is an egg fried in the middle of the hash.  One per person. 

Now of course this sounds like a brunch dish.  But  I usually don’t eat a heavy brunch.  So we have this for dinner.  It's real comfort food.  And it looks beautiful and tastes wonderful.