What a great year for tomatoes.  I haven't heard any complaints about tomato production this year.  Some of us are using our own or borrowing someone else's dehydrator to dry all the billions and billions of cherry tomatoes.  I don't seed them because I like them chewy and sweet.  They taste like candy and I just snack on them but some people like to throw them in stews or sauces or salads.

Other than making gallons of sauce that I freeze for the winter, my other favorite tomato recipe is Filo pizza.  This was a magazine recipe find years ago and now is the favorite of all three of my children plus their cousins.

It goes together quickly once you have ripe plum tomatoes, slices of mozzarella cheese or asiago or a combination, a sliced onion and filo dough.  Filo dough is found in the freezer section, usually with the desserts and pies.  Follow the directions which tell you to put it in the fridge 24 hours before you use it, or on the counter 1 hour before using.